Our Beginnings

For those coping with PTSD receiving a service dog can be an important step to regaining control of their lives, and a vital part of their healing process.


For most, the day they receive their service dog is a day of renewed optimism and hope for the future.

k9va.org focuses on keeping those feelings alive.


We realize that in order for a service dog to perform its mission the animal will or often will require:

  • Up-level or remedial training specific to the temperament of the animal and the unique needs and requirements of the owner.

  • Integration as a service dog and not a pet into the owner's immediate and extended family.

  • Exercise, proper nutrition and veterinary support to keep the service dog healthy and engaged.

  • Information, support and resources for the dog's owner as they maintain a living, breathing member of their family.

k9va.org is committed to developing a grass-roots,

community-based network of individuals and organizations in the Northern Maryland / Greater Baltimore areas who can contribute to and benefit from the support, guidance and resources

of each other.