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VA= Veterans 2 of my Great Uncles served in WWII. Cassy served 20 years in the Army which meant he was also in the Korean conflict, Mitchell in the Navy, he was on an aircraft carrier he served 4 years. My cousin Tom served in the Air force for 20 years during the Vietnam conflict, and its aftermath. One of my best friends from High School, Joe, served this county proud for 20 years in the US Navy, during the 1st and 2nd Gulf war.

Thanks to my work in the Chiropractic field I have had the chance to get to know Rebecca Halstead, a retired U.S. Army Brigadier General. She was the first female graduate of West Point to become a general officer.

I am very proud of these brave and courageous people. I have always wanted to be able to help support them when they returned home.

K9= a service dog, the whole world seemed to be captivated by Sully George Bush’s service dog, I was no different. I have known about service dogs for years and love the help they give to those that can’t do for themselves anymore.

Why Jana Alley? On Friday night May 10th as I relaxed at home while my boyfriend Rick was at his Masonic Lodge meeting. I had a knock on our front door, it was a neighborhood woman Rick would often see walking and would give her a ride. About 2 years ago she had become homeless.

She was knocking on our door looking for Rick to assist her with her shopping carts which contained all her belongings and her service animal 2P. She refused our offer to come in since she has an allergy to our cats.

Once Rick came home, he helped her get her carts under cover and offered for her to stay on our porch for the night. Saturday morning, I posted on Facebook that we needed a safe, dry, warm place for her and 2P to stay. She is 73 and has been abandoned by just about everyone.

I began getting calls and comments about how crazy I was for trying to help her. Midday, I received a call from an Arizona number and while I do not usually answer calls from out of state that I don’t know, something told me to answer it.

That call turned out to be Jana Alley with in 20 minutes she was on my porch having a conversation with this sweet homeless lady, ending with Jana taking her and the dog to her home for several days.

Within a few minutes for taking with Jana I know I had found what I had been looking for to get involved with. I happily signed on as one of the founding officers of

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