k9va.org is a registered

501(c)3 non-profit serving the Northern Maryland

and The Greater

Baltimore areas.


 We work with veterans, first-responders and others who are using a service dog to manage the effects of PTSD.

Our goal is to supply the support & resources you need to keep your service dog trained, obedient, and in good health. 


Our mission is to help ensure your service dog

remains a valuable asset in your long-term recovery.


For military veterans, first-responders and others dealing with PTSD, getting a service dog can be a

life-changing - sometimes life-saving - event.

But, it takes work to ensure that your service dog remains a positive asset to your long-term recovery and does

not become a liability or burden.


Our focus starts where others leave off: the long-term care, training and health of your service dog AFTER you welcome

it into your home. 


Services   Resources   Support

Uplevel training to ensure your service dog can handle additional duties. Remedial training to correct unwanted behavior.

Training and support for both the service animal and its adopted & extended family to ensure smooth integration.

Local community resources and support & other information for keeping your service dog active, physically fit and healthy.


k9va.org is a grassroots, community-based non-profit serving a vital function for veterans and others needing help with the long-term care of their service dogs. We rely on the support of the community and individuals and believe:

You always get out far more than you put in.